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Free tool to generate personalized recommendations for your colleague's LinkedIn profile. Create endorsements for free with AI.

Who and why is this recommendation for?

How to use this LinkedIn Recommendation Generator

Follow these steps to create a compelling LinkedIn recommendation:

  1. Add Person's Description

    Enter a brief description of the individual you're recommending. Include their job title, specific roles, skills, and achievements to tailor the recommendation. Remember, the more details you provide, the more personalized and effective our LinkedIn recommendation generator will be.

  2. Recommendation Focus (optional)

    Specify areas of recommendation such as leadership, teamwork, or creativity. This step is optional but helps in generating a more focused recommendation.

  3. Hit Generate

    Click the Generate Recommendations button to produce several tailored endorsement options based on the provided details.

  4. Copy-paste to LinkedIn

    Review the generated recommendations, select the one that best suits your intent, and copy it to the LinkedIn profile page of the person you recommend.

What is a LinkedIn recommendation?

A LinkedIn recommendation is a written statement of endorsement from a LinkedIn member that attests to your professional qualifications and work experience. It's a personal testimony that adds credibility to your resume and showcases your strengths to potential employers or clients.

What is a LinkedIn recommendation generator?

Our free LinkedIn recommendation generator is an AI tool that simplifies writing LinkedIn recommendations based on your input about a person's skills and experiences. It is designed to streamline the process of writing meaningful and professional endorsements.

Why use a free LinkedIn recommendation generator?

Using a LinkedIn recommendation generator saves you time and inspires you to write recommendations. It helps overcome writer's block and ensures the recommendations are well-structured and professional.

How do you create good LinkedIn recommendations?

Writing an effective LinkedIn recommendation involves highlighting a person's unique professional skills and achievements. Focusing on specific qualities like leadership, technical expertise, or their positive influence on team dynamics is essential. AI LinkedIn recommendation generator can be a valuable tool for those who find writing recommendations challenging.

How do you structure a LinkedIn recommendation?

A good LinkedIn recommendation should be personalized, specific, and sincere. It goes beyond mere titles to showcase skills, achievements, and character. Start with how you know the person, detail their key strengths or achievements, and conclude with a good recommendation with a strong endorsement of their skills and qualities.

What should I consider when writing LinkedIn recommendations?

When writing a LinkedIn recommendation, prioritize personalization and relevance. Begin by reflecting on your professional relationship with the individual and the unique qualities they bring to their role. Emphasize specific skills, achievements, or instances where they demonstrated excellence.

It's beneficial to mention how their contribution positively impacted the team or project. Ensure your language is clear, professional, and devoid of jargon to make it accessible to all LinkedIn users. Our free LinkedIn recommendation generator is designed to consider all these factors.

What to avoid in your LinkedIn recommendation?

When crafting a LinkedIn recommendation, it's important to avoid generic statements and overused clichés. Focus on being specific and sincere rather than using broad, unspecific praise. Avoid exaggerating or embellishing the person's skills, as authenticity is critical.

Steer clear of personal anecdotes that don't relate to professional skills or accomplishments. Keeping the recommendation concise and relevant to the individual's professional capabilities ensures it adds value to their LinkedIn profile.

What are good LinkedIn recommendation examples?

Good LinkedIn recommendations examples include praising someone's leadership in a project, their technical expertise, or their positive team influence. Here are a few LinkedIn recommendation samples that effectively highlight a colleague's professional strengths:
  • [Name] is one of those rare professionals who can both lead and listen. Under their guidance, our team not only met but exceeded our targets.
  • I was consistently impressed with [Name]'s ability to tackle complex projects and make them look easy. Their attention to detail and clear communication made a significant impact.
  • [Name] brings a blend of creativity, commitment, and analytical skills that any employer would be lucky to have. They are a reliable and forward-thinking professional and an inspiring team player.
  • Working alongside [Name] on a demanding project was a great experience. [Name]'s remarkable ability to tackle complex problems and meticulous attention to detail were vital to the project's success. I strongly endorse [Name] for their unwavering commitment, professional demeanor, and consistent delivery of outcomes.

Is this tool free?

Yes, our free LinkedIn recommendation generator is completely free without hidden fees. Typegrow provides many free tools to help individuals grow their professional network and get more opportunities.

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