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LinkedIn Character Counter

Use this free tool to check character count in your LinkedIn post, about section, or message exactly as it will appear on LinkedIn.

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How to use the LinkedIn Character Counter

Maximize the impact of your LinkedIn profile and posts by following these simple steps:

  1. Enter Your Text

    Type directly or paste your content into the text box using "Copy clipboard" button. Watch as the character counter instantly updates, showing you how many characters you've used against the limit.

  2. Monitor Character Usage

    Keep an eye on the 'Characters Typed' and 'Characters Remaining' indicators to ensure your content fits LinkedIn's limits for posts, About sections, and messages.

  3. Use Truncation to Your Advantage

    Adjust your post to get the most important information before the truncation limit. This ensures your key points are visible without clicking 'see more' for various sections.

  4. Copy or Clear Your Text

    Utilize the 'Copy Text' button to easily transfer your content to LinkedIn. If you need to start over, the 'Clear Text' button makes it simple to reset your workspace.

  5. Optimize for Engagement

    Before posting to LinkedIn, ensure your text is clear, concise, and invites engagement within the first 210 characters to maximize visibility and impact.

What is the character limit for LinkedIn posts?

The character limit for LinkedIn posts is 3,000 characters. It's essential to create a compelling opening since the 'see more' cutoff will hide content beyond the first 210 characters in the feed, impacting visibility and engagement rates.

How does the 'see more' cutoff affect my LinkedIn post engagement?

The 'see more' cutoff can significantly affect engagement by hiding the majority of your post content. To maintain reader interest, ensure the first 210 characters of your LinkedIn post are engaging and encourage the viewer to expand the full post.

What are the character limits for LinkedIn profiles and messaging?

Outside of posts, LinkedIn has specific character limits for various sections: 2,600 for the About section, 220 for headlines, 300 for connection requests and messages, and 2,000 for InMail. Tailoring your content to these limits is crucial for effective communication.

What if my LinkedIn post exceeds 210 characters?

If your LinkedIn post exceeds 210 characters, the excess content will be hidden behind the 'see more' prompt. This makes it critical to front-load your post with the most important information or call to action within the first 210 characters.

What is a LinkedIn character counter?

A LinkedIn character counter is a free tool designed to help LinkedIn users track the number of characters they've typed, ensuring their content fits within LinkedIn's specific character limits for various sections like posts, summary, headlines, and connection message. It's particularly useful for crafting concise posts that are optimized for engagement, as well as for adhering to the limits without manual counting.

How does your free character counter tool work?

Our free LinkedIn character counter tool provides real-time character counts as you type, helping you to draft within the platform's limits. It alerts you when you're approaching the limit, ensuring concise and impactful posts. It's easily accessible and requires no login, providing a hassle-free experience.

What's the strategy for LinkedIn comments within the character limit?

For LinkedIn comments, which have a limit of 1,250 characters, the strategy should be to comment succinctly, focusing on adding value and engaging directly with the content to which you're responding.

What is the character limit for a LinkedIn headline and why is it important?

LinkedIn headlines have a limit of 220 characters, and they're a key personal branding tool. A well-crafted headline succinctly communicates your professional essence and can influence whether viewers click to see more of your profile or post.

What are some tips for staying within LinkedIn's character limits?

Begin with a concise hook, utilize engaging language, and end with a call to action. Clear and straightforward writing with strategic emoji use can make your posts more readable and engaging within the character constraints.

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