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Easily preview your LinkedIn post before publishing. Just type or copy-paste your text below to see the preview.

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How to use the LinkedIn Post Preview

Follow these steps to preview your LinkedIn post before publishing:

  1. Copy & Paste Your Content

    Start by entering your post's text into the provided input area. Whether it's a well-thought-out draft or just a concept, drop it in.

  2. Instant Preview

    As soon as you paste your text, watch the real-time post preview on the side, displaying exactly how your content will appear on LinkedIn.

  3. Preview in Different Modes

    Toggle between device views to understand your post's appearance on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Pay special attention to where LinkedIn truncates with "see more" to ensure your hook is visible.

  4. Publish on LinkedIn

    Once satisfied with the preview, head over to LinkedIn and confidently share your post, knowing it's optimized for maximum impact.

What's the character limit on a LinkedIn post?

Since 2022, LinkedIn posts have a character limit of 3000, which includes line breaks, spaces, and emojis. If a post goes beyond this, you might want to trim it down or consider crafting a LinkedIn article.

How to write good LinkedIn posts?

Create simple, clear posts with a captivating headline. Use relatable stories and concise sentences. Emojis can add flavor but use them sparingly. Engage your audience with a question and mention connections when relevant. Limit external links. Consistent, valuable content fosters trust and engagement.

Is this tool free?

Yes, our tool is free to use without any registration. You can preview as many LinkedIn posts as you like before publishing. No registration required.

Why preview LinkedIn posts before publishing?

Previewing helps you see your new post exactly as it will appear on LinkedIn, ensuring everything is accurate. It's easiest way to optimize content for mobile, tablet, and desktop viewers. It will help you prevents formatting issues and make your introduction hook immediately visible before 'see more' cutoff.

Does the preview show how my post will look with links or images?

Yes, our free tool is designed to show an accurate representation of LinkedIn posts with images or links. This means you'll get a full understanding of how links and images augment your post.

On which devices can I preview a LinkedIn post?

Our tool allows previews on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Previewing on these devices is essential because each has a unique display. What appears complete on desktop might get cut-off on mobile, so checking all ensures you're always in the clear.

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