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Grow your LinkedIn Audience Faster with AI

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Maxime B.

Maxime B.

CEO, Digital Agency

Typegrow is easy to use and helped me grow my LinkedIn audience significantly.

The support team is very responsive with tips using the tool. I definitely recommend trying it out.

Bohumil Pokstefl

Bohumil Pokstefl

Founder, Deal Harvest

Typegrow is such a reliable tool to grow our LinkedIn audience with AI.

We use it daily to create and schedule content alongside expanding our LinkedIn network.

Antonia Y.

Antonia Y.

VP of Marketing,

Our experience with Typegrow has been highly positive.

The AI features make it incredibly efficient to consistently reach our target audience.



Sales development agency

We've tried many tools on the market, and this tool is a must-have for our agency.

Typegrow allows us to scale the number of LinkedIn accounts we can manage for our clients every day.

Why use Typegrow to Grow on LinkedIn?

AI assistant

Stop wasting time writing your posts and let AI be your writer. With our LinkedIn AI assistant, you create more and better content with less effort.

Free plan available

Enjoy access to the best AI tool for LinkedIn growth on our free generous plan. Upgrade only when you need advanced features.

Post scheduler

Don't waste time logging into LinkedIn every day to post your content. Schedule posts and carousels in 1 click at the best time with our scheduler.

Growth tools

We combined everything you need to grow your LinkedIn audience fast. Use our carousel maker, hook generator, post preview to maximize your growth.

No experience needed

We put a lot of effort into making Typegrow as simple as possible. Don't worry, it's really intuitive, you don't even need to read a manual to use it!

Viral posts library

Browse our collection of over 1+ million viral posts from LinkedIn creators and discover what already performs well.

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