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How to use this LinkedIn Post Generator

  1. Enter topic of your new LinkedIn post

    Since the generator can't read your mind (yet), it's best to add some details you want in your new LinkedIn post.

    For example, instead of saying: "marketing post," say "how posting every day for 3 months on LinkedIn helped me grow my audience to 5,000 followers". Of course, goal is to make the post generation simpler for you, but adding more context makes your post more unique.

  2. Generate

    Now, click the generate post button and give it a moment to start. After a few seconds, it will provide a structured post with an introduction, body, and conclusion that you can use as you like. You can continue to generate better posts until you have that one you like.
  3. Personalize and Post

    Now simply review the generated content and add a personal touch to make it sound in line with your style. Don't overthink it, thought! The goal of our free LinkedIn post generator is to take work off your plate.

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